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There has never been a stronger drive behind the institutional adoption of digital assets as the market is now equipped with institutional-grade infrastructure, regulatory frameworks that provide a greater degree of clarity, and a DeFi ecosystem that innovates at an incredible pace.

Tap into the transformative potential of digital assets through Hex Safe, the proprietary bank-grade platform underpinning our full suite of services and solutions.

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Hex Safe

A Platform Built
For Financial Institutions

  • Auditability
  • Sub-Accounts
  • Bank-Grade Workflows
  • Multi-Wallet Infrastructure
  • Transaction Policies
  • Integrated Compliance
  • Connectivity Interfaces
  • Market-Leading Security
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Compliance-Focused Services

We offer a full suite of services to integrate new digital assets as they emerge and adapt to the fast-paced market, all while meeting compliance standards within an evolving regulatory framework.

The Institutional
Gateway to Digital Assets.

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