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Secure and Compliant
Digital Asset Custody

Hex Trust provides institutional-grade custody, compliance frameworks, and state-of-the-art security solutions for the safekeeping of digital assets. Through Hex Safe, you have access to custody services purpose-built for banks, delivered in partnership with IBM.

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Built with
Banks In Mind


On-chain segregation of assets for independently auditable records


Flexible sub-account and wallet structure provides highest-level security and full transparency.

Bank-grade Workflows

Full segregation of roles and responsibilities, eliminating any single point of failure.

Connectivity Interfaces

Full custody and settlement APIs and SWIFT/FIX interface for seamless integrations.

Market-leading Security

IBM LinuxOne Hardware Secure Module (HSM) with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Certification.

Custody Governance

SOC-2 compliant governance framework for digital asset operations and wallet lifecycle.

Extensive and Flexible Coverage

Manage Your
NFTs With Ease

Safekeep Your NFTs

Manage your historical artwork, digital land, in-game assets and tokenized real-world assets with a dedicated NFT dashboard, protected by Hex Trust insurance.

Tap into a New Asset Class

Safely integrate NFTs in your business operations via Hex Safe, APIs, and tailored services to handle individual technical requirements.

Dedicated Services

Our team is here to help you acquire and sell NFTs as you explore the latest trends, collections, and worlds across the metaverse.

Insured Custody

Hex Trust carries comprehensive crime insurance to further safekeep client assets held across our storage systems.

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